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The mission of CMS REVIEW is to give you the resources you need to choose the best content management system for your organization. We will cover proprietary and open-source products, application development frameworks and finished out-of-the-box solutions. We will point you to online demonstrations and trial download software where these are available.
Above all, we want to try to help answer these basic questions.
  • What are the defining features of a CMS?
  • What are the benefits of a CMS?
  • Do you need a CMS, and if so, how do you choose one for your organization?
  • Should you build, buy, or rent your CMS?

We solicit reviews from active users of various CMS systems. We solicit comments from visitors (at the bottom of every page).

Although we are not a news site (there are several good ones), we monitor CMS mailing lists for important insights into CMS developments and for fleeting gems of information that should have a permanent home on the web.

We hope to be a repository of basic information about content management systems, but also point you to many other excellent sources of such information on the web and in print.

We hope to provide:
  • A reasonably comprehensive listing of Content Management Systems, sortable several ways (alphabetical, technology, market share?, ratings?, advertising?, etc.).

  • A Features List which will be used to help define a CMS, and to create a Feature Comparison Chart so you can compare two or more CMS products side by side, detail by detail.

  • A database of features editable online by company developers themselves or by qualified CMS users. Otherwise, there is no hope of our covering hundreds of products with technical accuracy.

  • Clear technical definitions for these features, with companies given adequate space to give their own variant definitions, and a glossary of terms.

  • CMS Review editors will watch for inaccuracy or exaggeration, but we want all companies and developer organizations to feel they can promote their products here, knowing they will be fairly represented.

If you would like to join a board of advisors for CMS Review, be an editor or just write reviews, please contact us and we will give you editing privileges on the website.
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