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Word To XML

Read Bob Doyle's story on Word to XML
Word To XML converters transform Microsoft Word documents to XML format.
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  • Docsoft W2XML
    Docsoft's W2XML software converts DOC and RTF formats to well-formed XML. It is completely scalable and allows for custom XML exporting by allowing you to create and apply custom XSLTs to modify the standard output. W2XML supports the conversion of Microsoft Equation objects to MathML! The additional support for converting Microsoft(R) Equation objects into MathML (a W3C standard for describing mathematic formulas in a format easily transmittable over the web) augments W2XML's existing conversion capabilities unmatched by other Word-to-XML conversion tools.

  • HyperVision WorX
    WorX for Word is a powerful plug-in to Microsoft® Word that allows users to create XML enable documents from the Word environment. It is designed to preserve the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Word, yet enable documents to be viewed and treated as structured (XML) documents while being authored. Other XML editors may look and feel like Word, but WorX is the only application sophisticated enough to actually use the same commands, menus and functions as Word - making it the most comfortable XML authoring tool for the end-user.

    WorX does not interrupt or change non-XML word processing tasks. WorX can be applied to any structured document workflow by using embedding XML in documents being created. XML files generated by WorX are fully World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliant and can be published easily to the Internet and other devices.

    On its debut, WorX garnered "best of breed" status from Seybold Reports as the most functional Word-based XML content editing environment on the market.

  • i4i x4o
    x4o is i4i's response to the overwhelming complexity of implementing an XML authoring solution. x4o comprises three modules:

    x4o Author - a real-time XML (or SGML) authoring tool in Microsoft Word. With x4o Author, creating a document is as straightforward as selecting the appropriate template (any DTD or Schema & a stylesheet) and authoring as you would in Microsoft Word.

    x4o Designer - an XML template design tool. If you don't use a custom or industry standard DTD, simply create one using the familiar Microsoft Word interface of x4o Designer and already learned Microsoft Word skills.

    x4o CMS Connector - a CMS/DMS connector that makes check-in and check-out as simple as File Open and File Save.

  • icoya WordXML
    icoya WordXML is a extension for Microsoft Word in order to convert Word content easily into the open, format-neutral and manufacturer-independent XML format. Content can, without any special technical knowledge, be structured and saved as XML using a common Word template.

    The conversion takes place using a XML stylesheet (XSL) and a XML transformation (XSLT). The generated XML document can be automatically validated during the conversion using a DTD (Document Type Definition) . In this manner, errors in the document structure can be recognized at the appropriate time and thus only valid XML documents are created according to the appropriate DTD.

  • Inera eXtyles
    eXtyles® allows editorial staff to work in the familiar Microsoft Word environment and automatically export XML when their work is complete. It provides a bridge between editorial departments, who need easy-to-use tools, and production departments, who increasingly need XML for web and print production. eXtyles automates many of the time-consuming tasks faced by editors, allowing them to focus on content and work more efficiently.

  • infinity-loop upCast
    (and downCast - XML to Word)
    They have an online evaluation of upCast.

  • Information Mapping Content Mapper (6)
    Content Mapper is a Microsoft Word-based XML authoring and publishing tool that works as a front-end to content management systems. Content Mapper provides a simple, yet powerful set of standards and functions to support authors.

    Content Mapper is built on a combination of smart, Word-based clients connected to a standard Web service. This standards-based architecture makes it very easy to deploy the solution, to manage and maintain client configurations, and to combine Content Mapper with the enterprise IT architecture in a flexible way.

  • Infrae DocToSilva
    Converts a Word doc to Silva XML. Entire trees of website content can be edited in in Word, then imported into Silva with a reorganized document hierarchy. Doc2Silva is delivered with the DocmaServer, but can also run locally on a Windows machine.

  • Xpress Author
    Xpress Author is an add-on product that seamlessly combines with Microsoft Word and does not affect Word functions - except when the author chooses to create an XML document. Then, Xpress takes over to create an environment where Word menus and functions look and operate normally, and content is presented as the user works - without the distraction of XML tags, structures, or rules. Xpress Author ensures that content is valid as it is authored - not sometime after the fact.

  • 2007 Microsoft Word
    Word itself generates huge XML files because it has to handle every possibility. You can try 2007 Office for 60 days.

  • Pembroke International Document Converter
    Document Conversion Manager (DCM) is a desktop application providing very high quality, wordprocessing document conversion and text manipulation. Its function is to enable organizations to migrate legacy documents to Microsoft Word (MS-RTF) and HTML, whilst fully maintaining the integrity of the original document. Includes bi-directional conversion between XML and Word’97/2000

  • RustemSoft XML Converter
    The XML Converter is data conversion software that lets the user interactively create a data transformation. It allows you to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file. XML Converter is a visual mapping and conversion tool, which manages all dialects of XML such as DTD (document type definition), XSD (XML Schema Definition), and XML formats. It is used for quickly building application integration solutions. It will allow you to map and integrate some types of data to XML document in a user-friendly graphical mode

  • XML Workshop YAWC (7)
    Yet Another Word Converter - also converts to HTML

  • XForm Web Service

    These are demos of the W3C XForms standard.

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