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CitiWiki is a fork of the original WakkaWiki. The objective of CitiWiki is to create a platform for research into Wiki-related technologies. CitiWiki itself is being used to implement a wiki system for the Department of Computer Science at City University of New York that acts as a knowledge management system (KMS) to collect and organize knowledge related to Computer Science in general, with contributions from both CS students and staff. This CS knowledge-base is here.

The CitiWiki fork was created since we envision substantial code changes will be made to the original WakkaWiki for our research and experimentation. You could take a look at WikiDev to find out more on some of our development details. We plan to make CitiWiki source code available to the general public.

CLiki is a collection of links to and resources for free software implemented in Common Lisp and available on Unix-like systems.

CLiki is a collaborative web authoring system based on the concepts of wiki, but with different, more lisp-friendly Text Formatting rules.

CLiki is a collaborative system: if you have added or edited content on it, please feel free to list yourself as having a relationship to it on our home page.

Diamond Wiki
"Diamond Wiki is an attempt to combine faceted navigation with wiki- and blog-style features.

It is an experimental WikiClone* with an emphasis on MetaData and FacetedNavigation."

"I created this WikiWiki because I couldn't find a Wiki that did exactly what I wanted. I needed a Wiki where I could put my own code tricks for easy dispersal. I'm mainly trying to build a programmer's Wiki, but other topics won't be scorned either!

This Wiki is done using JSP technology, which hopefully makes it very easy to keep up to date, since the content and the presentation are separated. For the administrator it is easy to make your Wiki look any way you want. A custom bean handles the translation of text into HTML. The source code for JSPWiki is available. "

"LEXI is a multiuser, auto-linking online lexicon - similar to WikiWiki's, but without their need for special WikiWords or [[Word Markup]]. New words or sentences are automatically linked everywhere they appear. "

"MediaWiki is the name of the powerful engine now running the WikiPedia encyclopedia project.

Wikipedia and its sister Wikimedia projects run on the same GPL-ed free software, called MediaWiki or Software Phase III. It was switched from UseModWiki software ("Phase I") to new software, written especially for Wikipedia using the PHP programming language, on January 25, 2002 ("Phase II"), which was replaced by what is now called MediaWiki in June 2002. "

"MetaWiki is a search engine that allows to search the page titles of several listed wikis."
MoinMoin Wiki
"MoinMoin is a Python WikiClone, based on PikiPiki. The name is a common German slang expression."

"Open Wiki offers the post-it note of the web. It's that simple. A quick and easy way to post your thoughts to the web from anywhere and retrievable from anywhere. Open Wiki can be collaboratively edited, by anyone or a selected few, using a web browser only. "

PhpWiki is a clone of the original WikiWikiWeb.

Installation of PhpWiki is as simple as untarring the source distribution. PhpWiki works right out of the box. You will want to make configuration changes later for better performance and permanence, or to run PhpWiki off a relational database like MySQL, mSQL or Postgresql.

"pikipiki is MartinPool's reimplementation of WikiWikiWeb in PythonLanguage, released under the Gnu GeneralPublicLicense.

pikipiki is a cooperative authoring system for the web. It is written in Python, with a strong emphasis on small, simple code: the current version is about 580 lines of commented code."

Pikie Pikie
"Pikie Pikie is a collection of CGI scripts, written in the Python Language, with which to create collaborative web sites in the tradition of Wiki Wiki. It supports easy text input and the uploading of images. New pages are easily created and linked to from the existing pages.

Their website documents Pikie Pikie and is itself an example of such a collaborative hypertext environment as it is driven by the development version of Pikie Pikie."

"PmWiki is wiki software written by Patrick Michaud in the PHP programming language. It is designed to be extremely easy to install and to customize as an engine for creating professional web sites.

A complete list of sites using PmWiki software is available from .

PmWiki is a trademark of Patrick Michaud."

"SnipSnap is a free and easy to install Weblog and Wiki Software written in Java."
Swiki (CoWeb)
"Swiki is a Squeak-based version (see for more on Squeak) of the WikiWikiWeb invented by Ward Cunningham. Swiki was originally built on top of PWS, the Pluggable Web Server; many of these pages concern PWS, which is still part of the Squeak distribution."

TipiWiki is still anpother wiki clone in PHP
Tiki is a CMS system based on a Wiki, it has all the features a regular Wiki application and a whole lot more. Tiki uses PHP and templates via Smarty for a customizable layout and look & feel. Features: Wiki pages, File Galleries, Comments, Image Galleries, Forums, Multi-language support, Permission system using groups and users , Weblogs, CMS system (Articles, submissions and topics), Banners, Dynamic Content, Polls, Chat, RSS feeds, Communications center using an XMLRPC API.

"Welcome to TWiki, a flexible, powerful, and easy to use Web-based collaboration platform. Use TWiki to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Web content can be created collaboratively by using just a browser. Developers can create new web applications based on a Plugin API.

'Among other things, TWiki eases one of the concerns about classic Wiki, which is that the radically egalitarian "edit this page" scheme leaves no change log. TWiki includes powerful revision support. Every change leaves a footprint, and you can follow these easily and effectively.' (Jon Udell)"

Very Quick Wiki
"Very Quick Wiki is a WikiWiki web clone written using JSPs and servlets and designed to install and run with minimum effort on Tomcat or some other Java application server. The CVS and downloads etc are hosted at Sourceforge."

"Wiki is in Ward Cunningham's original description: The simplest online database that could possibly work.

Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly.

Wiki is unusual among group communication mechanisms in that it allows the organization of contributions to be edited in addition to the content itself.

Like many simple concepts, "open editing" has some profound and subtle effects on Wiki usage. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users."

"ZWiki is a zope-based wiki-clone. This wiki is integrated with a mailing list for discussion and notification. Wiki comments appear as messages on the list and vice versa, so you can monitor the whole wiki by subscribing to the zwiki list ."