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"Addendat is a free blogging program. It supports archives. It supports comments. It works in any browser that understands forms, even Lynx. If you'd rather use vi (or whatever editor you prefer), you can blog from the shell. Blog entries can be placed on multiple pages simultaneously. Blog entries can be sent to other CGIs. Doesn't require cookies, Java, or Javascript."

b2 (now WordPress)
"b2 is a news/weblog tool (aka logware).You type something and hit "blog this" and in the next second it's on your page(s). You can write extended entries, or even entries that span multiple pages. You can also use BloggerAPI clients to post to your b2 weblog. What's original in b2 ? Pages are generated dynamically from the MySQL database, so no clumsy 'rebuilding' is involved. It also means faster search/display capabilities, and the ability to serve your news in different 'templates' without any hassle." .
Big Blog Tool
"Big Blog Tool from BigGuyMedia was born from a desire to have a tool that was custom built for bloggers. With features that bloggers have come to need as the medium has matured. There are other tools out there and depending on your particular needs maybe one or the other may be the right choice for you, but we believe we've built a tool to rival all tools."
BlogFace (for Zope)
"The BlogFace provides a weblog-style interface to a cataloged collection of objects in Zope, without requiring that the catalog or entries be modified, or even know about the BlogFace at all. It will work with any catalog and collection of entry objects, so long as the catalog provides an ISO format date attribute for each entry record. There are some instructions for adding a blog interface to a wiki.

Navigation is date-based, with each step in the path corresponding to an element of the date."

Blog Organizer
"Blog Organizer is like an electronic file cabinet. In physical file cabinets, papers containing information are placed in folders which are marked with category names. An information item can be in only one category folder. But each information item can be associated with some time (when ?), some people (who ?), some location (where ?) and some subject (what ?). "
"Blogger is a web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly -- whenever the urge strikes. Blogger is the leading tool in the rapidly growing area of web publishing known as weblogs, or 'blogs.'" No RSS feeds.
"BlogWorks XML is an ASP blogging application that provides a simple and easy way to publish your own blog or journal. Easy to setup because you only have to edit one file, upload everything, login and start blogging."
"Blosxom (pronounced "Blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Fundamental is its reliance upon the file system, folders and files as its content database. Blosxom's weblog entries are plain text files like any other. Write from the comfort of your favorite text editor and hit the Save button. Create, edit, rename, and delete entries on the command-line, via FTP, WebDAV, or anything else you might use to manipulate your files. There's no import or export; entries are nothing more complex than title on the first line, body being everything thereafter.

Despite its tiny footprint, Blosxom doesn't skimp on features, sporting the majority of features one would find in any other Weblog application. Blosxom is simple, straightforward, minimalist Perl affording even the dabbler an opportunity for experimentation and customization. And last, but not least, Blosxom is open source and free for the taking and altering."

CocoBlog is a free weblogging software tool based on Apache Cocoon and Apache Xindice.

At the moment it is able to manage a single-user weblog stored in an XML repository and publish it via Cocoon. The use of Cocoon allows a nice separation of content and presentation, so that the appearance of the pages is entirely determined by XSLT stylesheets.

Expression Engine (was pMachine)
"ExpressionEngine is a highly flexible, feature-rich web publishing system that empowers individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to create dynamic, content-driven websites. "

"Geeklog is a web platform for delivering a variety of features to a group or community over the internet. Geeklog has been used to deploy personal websites, corporate intranets and even corporate websites."

Greymatter by Noah Grey
"Greymatter is the original open-source weblogging and journal software. With fully-integrated comments, searching, file uploading and image handling, completely customisable output through dozens of templates and variables, multiple author support, and many other features�while having perhaps the simplest installation process and easiest-to-use interface of any program offering this level of functionality�Greymatter permanently raised the bar for weblogging and journaling, and it remains the program of choice for tens of thousands of people around the world.

Greymatter is about as free and opensource as you'll get! Almost all other weblog/journal programs and services either have various restrictions on what you can do with them, or they require payment for you to remove the restrictions or unlock their full functionality. As for Greymatter: Other than selling the code (in original or modified form) or removing the copyright notice, you are hereby free to do whatever you wish with Greymatter and its code for any purpose, including modifying it or (freely) redistributing it in any way�in fact, it's encouraged. (Donations are still appreciated, of course!)"

"LifeType is an open-source blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.

Writing articles is comfortable with the included state of the art WYSIWYG editor. Adding pictures and sound files (for Podcasting) is just a matter of browse and click. The Dashboard provides you with all the information you need every time you log in. Recent articles, comments and trackback as well as brief statistics get you updated about your blog immediately.

Podcasting, automatic thumbnail generation, mass uploading of files, a filebrowser and custom descriptions for each file is supported through the administration interface."
" is a free service that allows you to create and customize your very own "live journal": a journal that you keep online!

You can update with short entries several times a day, or with long entries a few times a week... however you'd like to use it. It's free, it's fun, and it's easy to use!

Perhaps more interesting for programmers, LiveJournal is an open source project, run by the people that use it and care about it. The source code to the server and all the clients are available under various open source licenses, mainly the GPL. We welcome any and all contributors to the project in the lj_dev community."

"Manila is an Internet server application that allows groups of writers, designers and graphics people to manage full-featured, high performance Web sites through an easy-to-use browser interface.

Manila is included as part of the UserLand Frontier content management system, an $899 commercial product for Windows and Macintosh."

"Metateque is an easy weblog authoring system for people with more imagination and opinions than time.

Metateque requires Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. You will also require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ to be installed. (Netscape users are not required to run Internet Explorer but it will still need to be installed on your PC). Metateque Collector only works on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+."

Monaural Jerk
"MONAURAL JERK (aka JOURNAL MAKER) is a weblog, journal, news, and diary system. It allows one or more authors to regularly publish content without touching HTML. It has a nifty web-based editing/publishing sytem. It has a built-in search engine. And it is free for personal or corporate use, under the GPL: this is open-source software."

Movable Type
"Movable Type is a decentralized web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated content. This content can consist of, but is not limited to, entries in a weblog or online journal, photographs in an online photo gallery, news headlines on a newspaper site, or articles in an online magazine."
"MozBlog is a tool to enable people to blog with mozilla while they surfing.

Features include: Same window for browsing/blogging. Look/edit/delete through your previous post. Spell check if you installed the spellchecker. Other functionality such as uploading images. Source mode edit. Automatically Save draft posts. Post to local directory. Experimental syndication tool. "

"Nucleus allows you to easily maintain your own weblog(s) on your own server. It offers a system that is easy to install, but still offers maximum flexibility."

"PHPosxom is a PHP-based blogging system inspired by the Perl-based Blosxom and includes advanced features such as metadata, modular plug-ins, and conditional GET support. Docs and downloads for PHPosxom have been moved to"
" is now offering free and easy to update pages with an easy-to-use web interface. Most people use their pitas page to create some sort of 'recent news' page for their site, or a weblog (basically a list of links with some commentary that is updated frequently). "
pMachine (now Expression Engine)
"pMachine enables you to publish virtually any kind of web content - from a basic weblog, to a full-blown interactive magazine. pMachine gives you complete control over the presentation, behavior, and interactivity of your site. "
Python Desktop Server
"The Python Desktop Server is a combined Weblog authoring tool, XMLRPC/SOAP server, and news aggregator. It allows one to read RSS news feeds, publish a Web site to a community server (such as Radio Community Server or Python Community Server installations) or FTP server, and includes tools for Weblog and homepage management. It features a Web interface, a built-in Web server, a multithreading architecture, and a simple database. It is extensible through scripts that connect via XML-RPC, HTML templates, macros, and a plugin architecture. "

Radio Userland
"Radio is an easy-to-use Weblog tool that runs on your desktop. Radio will automatically build your weblog, organize and archive your posts, and publish it to the Web in minutes. It takes all of the hassle out of website publishing so you can focus on writing, posting pictures, and linking to sites you like. If you like simplicity, ease-of-use, and saving money, Radio is the tool for you. UserLand provides one year of optional hosting for your Radio weblog when you purchase the software. Also, Radio makes it possible to edit your site while off-line and publish it quickly over a dial-up connection."
Roller Weblogger
"Roller is server-based weblogging software - a web application - that is designed to support multiple simultaneous weblog users and visitors. The Roller software is written entirely in Java with calls to Java Servlet and JDBC APIs. The Roller Installation Guide describes how to install Roller on the Tomcat Servlet Container and the MySQL database, but other configurations are possible."

"SilkBlogs is a powerful, hosted enterprise Weblog application, built on a robust, award-winning content management system that makes it easy for companies to efficiently and securely collaborate and communicate. It empowers every individual within and outside your organization with a voice to effectively share thoughts, ideas, documents, and images on the web. The advantage is the capture, dissemination and management of a company�s tacit knowledge and intellectual capital that is searchable and accessible from anywhere. The result of which is that they provide timely valuable input, build better relationships, become better references, and increase your profits."

"SnipSnap is a free and easy to install Weblog and Wiki Software written in Java."

"Integrate fully customizable blog templates with any website. Add calendar, search, link management, voting, and comment modules."

"we::blog is a weblog open to the public. Anyone can register and start posting here. Find something cool on the net? Leave a link. Anyone who registers can comment on the blog items!"
"WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. What a mouthful. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

More simply, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it. "

"When you build a Xanga Site, you get access to all of our easy publishing tools. Our revolutionary Weblogs feature helps you post to the web in just seconds.

Building a Xanga Site is easy, but the real fun of publishing comes from knowing that you have readers! That's why we've baked a whole set of interactive features right into our publishing platform. When you publish at Xanga, your friends can Comment on your posts, drop you eProps for a good post, and even Subscribe to your site to get automatic email updates with all your latest posts."