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Indexing tools fall in two basic categories.
  • Back-of-the-book-style indexes

  • Indexes - or classification schemes, thesauri, taxonomies, subject headings, and controlled vocabularies - as metadata for search engines

Back-of-the-book indexing tools
  • CINDEX - Professional indexers tool.

  • HTML Indexer - Windows tool for creating HTML indexes

  • HTML/Prep - Utility, used in conjunction with indexing software, such as CINDEX, Sky Index, or Macrex, or a tagged ASCII file.

  • Macrex - Professional indexers tool.

  • Sky Index - Professional indexers tool.

  • Web Indexing SIG - American Society of Indexers Special Interest Group on Website Indexing. Lots of resources and a discussion group.

  • XRefHT32 - Freeware Windows tool for creating HTML indexes

Tools for classification schemes, thesauri, taxonomies, subject headings, and controlled vocabularies
  • Attensity Corporation - Relational Extraction Server; Knowledge Engineering Workbench; Quality, Reliability and Durability (QRD) Center; PowerDrill

  • Ascential Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite

  • Autonomy Automatic Categorization; Autonomy Channels; Automatic Clustering; Automatic Taxonomy Generation

  • Bitext Natural language analysis (Spanish and English)

  • ClearForest ClearResearch; ClearTags

  • Convera RetrievalWare 8; Classification Workbench

  • Data Advantage Group DAG MetaCenter 3

  • Data Harmony Group Information Management Software Tools and Customized Taxonomy Construction Services

  • Dublin Core Tools

  • MultiTes Thesaurus construction tools.

  • empolis ORENGE

  • Entrieva Content Analytics

  • Inxight Smart Discovery

  • Intellisophic

  • Lingway

  • Mark Logic Content Interaction Server

  • MetaMatrix MetaBaseModeler

  • Mondeca SA Intelligent Topic Manager

  • Recommind MindServer Categorization

  • SER Solutions SERbrainware; SERglobalBrain; SERdistiller; SER eDM

  • SPSS Predictive Analytics

  • SPSS/LexiQuest LexiQuest Categorize

  • Schemalogic Master Metadata - Taxonomy Vocabulary management

  • Stratify Stratify Discovery System; Classification Server

  • Synaptica In the world of taxonomies, thesauri and knowledge management, Synapse Corporation offers ready-made taxonomies, enterprise-class software solutions, domain expertise, and professional lexicography and indexing services.

  • Taxonomy Strategies An information management consultancy that specializes in applying taxonomies, metadata, automatic classification, and other information retrieval technologies to the needs of business.

  • Teragram


  • Verity Verity K2 Enterprise

  • WebChoir TermChoir

  • Wordmap Taxonomy Manager; Server; Classifier

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