Content Management Seminars

Gerry McGovern Seminars

The seminars have the following key objectives:

  • To help you get the right content to the right person at the right time, and at the right cost
  • To clearly articulate to you all the steps and issues involved in developing a content-focused website strategy
  • To give you a thorough grounding in the professional planning for and management of a medium to large-scale website
  • To explain to you the essential issues involved in designing a professional information architecture (metadata, classification, navigation, search, layout and design) that will allow content to be quickly found and easily read
  • To explain to you best practice in writing and laying out content for the Web
These seminars focus very much on the content rather than the technology. You will receive a copy of The Web Content Style Guide and Content Critical, two books by Gerry McGovern which are published by Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Seminars Schedule $400 per participant per day

Tony Byrne Content Management Training

CMSWorks, the consulting arm of CMSWatch, now offers a special, one-day onsite course that can provide your company a clear Content Management roadmap. CMSWatch Managing Editor and leading industry expert Tony Byrne leads an intensive, fast-paced, introduction to Web Content Management principles, practices, and products.

The course enables attendees to help their organization define its CMS needs and identify suitable technologies to improve Web content production and publishing systems. In a combined seminar / demo / group-exercise format that takes a vendor-neutral approach, attendees will learn how to apply best practices in Web Content Management. And there is no need to travel: CMSWorks comes to you.

A modest investment training investment can yield substantial time and financial savings for companies looking to improve their approach to Web Content Management.

Seminars Schedule

The Rockley Group assists clients in developing information solutions through a unified content strategy, either for a particular project or across an enterprise. A unified content strategy is a repeatable method of identifying all content requirements up front, creating consistently structured content for reuse, managing that content in a definitive source, and assembling it on demand to meet your customer's needs... saving both you and your customers time and money.

The Unified Content JumpstartTM

The Unified Content JumpStart is designed to get your organization developing reusable materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. The JumpStart empowers you to make a unified content strategy happen. The Unified Content JumpStart´┐Ż consists of the following onsite workshops, each between two to five days in length:

  • Unified Content in a NutshellTM
  • The Facilitated Unified Content AnalysisTM
  • The Facilitated Unified Content ModelTM

Rockley Webinars are a FIVE-PART SERIES that show you what you need to know to turn content management into a competitive advantage for your organization. They are being presented live online, and audio/slide versions of past seminars are available.

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