CMS Resources/Books

Content Critical, by Gerry McGovern

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through High-Quality Web Content $18.90 from Amazon
Content Management Bible, by Bob Boiko

Rather abstract theory (no real systems mentioned) and hugely long, but lots of valuable checklists useful when preparing or responding to requests for proposals. $35 at Amazon
Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery, by JoAnn T. Hackos (2002)

Using the content management strategy that she developed for companies such as Nortel, Motorola, Cisco, and others, Hackos walks readers through the stages of effective Web content management. $27.99 from Amazon
Content Management Handbook, by Martin White (2005).

Step-by-step guidance on the specification, selection and implementation of CMS software for websites and intranets.
£39.95 from Facet Publishing (UK)
$99.95 from Neil Schuman (US)
Content Management Systems - Tools of the Trade, by Dave Addey, James Ellis, Phil Suh, David Thiemecke (2002)

Focuses on content management theory and choosing the best CMS option available. Now out of print (publisher glasshaus defunct?), used copies available from Amazon.
Content Management Requirements Toolkit

Contains 133 fully-developed CMS requirements suitable for RFPs $550
Intranet Roadmap

A wallchart and explanatory boooklet describing activities to develop an intranet
$125 plus $15 postage.
Managing Enterprise Content, by Ann Rockley

A Unified Content Strategy provides the concepts, strategies, guidelines, processes, and technological options that will prepare enterprise content managers and authors to meet the increasing demands of creating, managing, and distributing content. $28 from Amazon
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

The story of the founder of Ars Digita and his vision for content management plus. $45 on the web
Web Content Management, by Russell Nakano

Developing, managing, maintaining and deploying Web content solutions across the enterprise. $28 from Amazon
Content Management Handbuch, by Florian Stahl and Wolfgang Maass

Strategies, Theories, and Systems for Successful Content Management. (in German) €99 from NetAcademy
Content Management with XML, by Gunther Rothfuss and Christian Ried (2nd Ed.)

Foundations and Applications (in German) €42 from Springer
Essential Blogging, by Cory Doctorow et al.

Selecting and using Weblog Tools. $20.97 from Amazon
Weblog Handbook, by Rebecca Blood

Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog. $11.20 from Amazon
The Wiki Way, by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham

Open-source collaborative server technology. $39.95 from Amazon
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville

How to organize content for navigating and searching a web site. $27.97 from Amazon
Website Indexing, by Glenda Browne and Jonathan Jermey

Enhancing access to information on websites. $AU46.20 ($US20 for PDF version)
Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development by Bud Porter-Roth

Includes templates for your RFP development. $39.95 from Amazon

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