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Absolut Engine
Absolut Engine is an advanced news publishing system developed in PHP and using MySQL as a database system.

It features 3 layer access (admin/chief/editor), article posting, editing and deleting, surveys and discussions. Absolut Engine includes a powerful image managing tool for uploading, deleting and listing the uploaded images. File manager and discussion moderation tool are also included. It is easy expandable, fully configurable and easy-to-use for unexperienced users, too. Multilanguage support is built in.

Back-End is based on PHP/MySQL. Using phplib templates, these scripts provide users with a great deal of flexibility in presenting the look/feel of their site. Using the web interface administrators can set up new sections, add/edit/delete articles, create polls and more.

Back-End CMS has updated it's codebase and the latest version is now a module of There are a great many advantages to sharing infrastructure with an application like phpSlash and we hope that you enjoy the many improvements that have been made.

From the initial screen, we want eNvolution to be the easiest, most refined and configurable CMS in the market. A truly modular architecture combined with a rock solid core foundation, a powerful API and a well implemented Template system will undoubtedly accomplish this task.

While eNvolution is a fork of PostNuke, the entire core of the product is being replaced and improved, making it far more secure and stable, and able to work in high-volume environments with ease.

Some of the highlights of eNvolution are: customization of all aspects of the website's appearance via templates caching for faster page loads user friendly administration via the configuration tools in the adminstration panel support and a very active development community (by the way you're welcome to join) (PHP based)

Somewhere between a content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a weblog. Kuro5hin runs on the Scoop engine.

myPHPNuke is a content management system written in PHP.

Nukes on JBoss
Nukes on JBoss is a full fledged Content Management System (CMS) with advanced user/group management, security rules and pluggable components. Components can be deployed at runtime while the application is running. It is all written in JBoss and most importantly nukes powers this website you are looking at it.

Nukes on JBoss started when JBoss Group members tried to run the popular postnuke open source project for our website. PHP/Postnuke didn't scale. After analyzing the PHP codebase they found some dubious ways of caching data and decide to port the framework to JBOSS.

The original slash-alike on the PHP platform.
A CMS with browser-based administration. It currently boasts full HTML templates, an O-O design, the ability to operate in a hosted environment, and a bunch of other goodies.
A complete web news management system written in PHP. All the content control is configurable with a web based administration section. Features include story moderation, threaded comments, templating/themes, polls, multi-language translations, RDF import/export.
phpWebThings is a set of PHP modules for creating a cool Web site with user login, news, forum, user messages, downloads, FAQs, and more. It allows the Webmaster to create his own site with freedom, using only the features he wants, and allowing new features to be added easily.
PostNuke is a PHPNuke fork. It is a content management system written in PHP with a mySQL backend, focusing on the style, appearance, and functionality.

Scoop is a "collaborative media application". It falls somewhere between a content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a weblog. Scoop is designed to enable your website to become a community. It empowers your visitors to be the producers of the site, contributing news and discussion, and making sure that the signal remains high.
The original code behind Slashdot.
An open source slashdot-style news and discussion forum system, based on the Zope application server.
SOOP Portal
SOOP Portal is a free for all Active Server Pages (Access) Portal featuring Forums, Polls, News, Page Creator, Guestbook, Skins/Themes, Personal Calendar, Events Calendar, Country Info, Private Messenger, Stats, Banner Management, Buddy List, etc..

Xaraya is the latest news portal software from some of the team members for PostNuke.