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Content Technology Works

Content Technology Works Webinar: "Content Categories That Work"

was held December 16, 2003

View the presenations and learn how three companies: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mattel and Unisys, make sense of the content technology world for the benefit of their organizations, partners and customers.


These links are almost all relevant to the topics we cover - even our "Friends" category. When it is a bit of a stretch we warn you in advance.

Note the new "CMS Features" option in the right column. For more information about this, see our free report on "The Classification & Evaluation of Content Management Systems". Treat the CMS feature information as Beta software - it is incomplete and under development. Please don't base decisions on this information alone.

Content Management Resources

Camworld CMS list

A great list to follow if you want the down and dirty on implementing a content management system. Mostly by and for web developers.

CMS Forum

CMS Forum is meant to be a complement to the CMS List (at, but enabling topical discussions of CMS issues. It uses a number of more modern CMS tools (compared to email list servs) like threaded discussion forums with moderation of posts (a karma system like Slashdot that allows anonymous posters), news aggregation (from Gilbane, Step Two, CMS Watch, and others), and weblogs.

CMS Review

The mission of CMS REVIEW is to provide the resources you need to choose the best content management system for your organization. They cover proprietary and open-source products, application development frameworks and finished out-of-the-box solutions.

CMS Watch

A very useful site managed by well-known content management consultant Tony Bryne. You can also buy Tony's well-known report on CMS features there.

Content Wire

Paola Di Maio's site covers everything having to do with content.

Dave Krupinski's Webgenz CMS Resources

Dave has a product, but this is a useful resource page with a unique collection of links.

Dutch Content Management News, Events, Articles

A useful resource managed by the consulting firm Hartman Communicatie BV. The site is in Dutch and serves The Netherlands and Belgium. There is also some material in English.

German Content Management Resource

Lot's of information on content management products and other resources. If you speak German, you should check this site out.

A great ad-free site for information, news and advice about web site searching technology. Maintained by Search Tools Consulting as a service to the Web community.

Spanish Content Management News & Information

A good Spanish language resource for content management information. From Barcelona, but not limited to Spanish news.

University of Washington iSchool Content Management System Evaluation Lab

The University of Washington iSchool Content Management Systems (CMS) Evaluation Lab studies, designs within, and reports on the emerging content management industry.

XML Resources

XML Cover Pages

Robin Cover's famous incredibly comprehensive resource on SGML and XML.

XML Hack

A great XML news site for developers.

A great place to start for anything XML.

XML news.


AIIM International - Association for Information & Image Management

Large association of document management, records management, imaging, worklfow, and content management vendors, consultants, and users.


Was the GCA. They run the oldest and largest annual XML confernece in North America, as well as one in Europe, and sponsor standards working groups including ICE and PRISM.


A consortium of XML vendors and some users. They develop and promote XML-based standards. Started as SGML Open.


OSCOM is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to Open Source Content Management.


Christine Vaillancourt

Well, some might consider this a real stretch from a relevancy point of view. But the art might help you think about future repositories of complex and fluid information objects rich in metadata!


Contributor Girish Altekar's site. (And you can get to QPID from there!)

Evident Marketing

Editor Emeritus David Weinberger's site.

Lux Scientiae, Incorporated

Our excellent web hosting and content management provider.

New Millenium Publishing

Associate Editor Bill Trippe's site.


Editor Emeritus Tim Bray's site.


Gilbane Inc.

If you got here looking for Gilbane Building Company or Gilbane Properties, follow this link.


The Seybold Report

High quality and in-depth coverage of publishing technology including product reviews. There is a fair amount of content management coverage as well. Seybold Seminars also produce some of our content management conferences.



A consortium of XML vendors and some users. They develop and promote XML-based standards. Started as SGML Open.

World Wide Web Consortium

The international organization responsible for the HTML and XML family of standards.

If you think we are missing a link that is worthy, send an email to

Books / Reviews

Below are some of the recent books we like. Some have reviews written by our crack book reviewer, Associate Editor, and author, Bill Trippe.
Also see our list of links to other useful resources below.

Content Management Bible

by Bob Boiko

A brand-new, comprehensive book from industry guru Bob Boiko. Full of practical, real world advice and useful discussions and applications. Bill Trippe tells you what he thinks in our review.

Read the review by Bill Trippe.

Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery

by JoAnne Hackos

See our February 2002 (Vol 10, Num 1) issue for an excerpt from JoAnn's book.


by Bill Zoellick

"A Business Guide to Web Property, Privacy, and Patents". Incredibly well-written and useful book. If you have a software or Web business you should read this.

Digital Rights Management, Business and Technology

by Bill Trippe, Bill Rosenblatt and Stephen Mooney

Associate Editor Bill Trippe's new book is the only place to find broad coverage of the business and technical issues surrounding digital rights management.

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