Open Document Format Debate at Gilbane Conference on Content Management Boston 2005
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Open Document Format Debate -

David Berlind (Executive Editor, ZDNet)
Morgan Reed (Vice President for Public Affairs,
Association for Competitive Technologies (ACT)
(You will need the latest QuickTime player.)

Frank Gilbane - the Background    

The Debaters - Morgan Reed and David Berlind    

Lobbyist for Microsoft (MS) and Small ISVs    

How Much Money Spent Lobbying Open Formats?    

MS to Mass: Do you respect IP?    

MS Press Release: Mass ODF Plan has failed!    

By 2007 only ODF-compliant applications?    

Does Massachusetts have any leverage with OASIS?    

What if MS OpenOffice was chosen as standard?    

Do MS and Internet Explorer encourage non-standard HTML?    

References and a Glossary of terms and acronyms
  • Tim Bray - Director of Web Technologies for Sun Microsystems
  • Eric Criss - was Massachusetts Administration and Finance Secretary
  • ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association
  • ETRM - Enterprise Technical Reference Model (FAQ and Public Comments)
  • ISV - Independent Software Vendor
  • IP - Intellectual Property
  • Jean Paoli - Senior Director of XML architecture for Microsoft
  • Peter Quinn - Massachusetts CIO who led the state's Information Technology Division (ITD)
  • Peter Quinn resigns - Computerworld
  • OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
  • Open Document - an OASIS standard

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Produced and edited by Bob Doyle, Editor-In-Chief, CMS Review.
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