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BloggerCon Videos

Large version

The first BloggerCon was a two-day conference. Day One was one large plenary session. Day Two had five separate tracks. We only videotaped the first track sessions - Technology, Aggregators, Audioblogging, and Fat Man in a Bath Tub.

Technology (Susan Merritt)
Aggregators (Jon Udell)
Audioblogging (Harold Gilchrist, Kevin Marks, Bob Doyle)
Fat Man (Dave Winer)
The following videos are higher fidelity, but have not been edited into separate sessions.
Welcome - Charles Nesson and Dave Winer
Tape Two (audio)
Tape Three (audio)
Tape Four (audio)
Tape Five (audio)
Tape Six (audio)
Tape Seven (audio)
Tape Eight (audio)
Tape Nine (audio)
Tape Ten (audio)

Sessions are available streamed as Real Video, and some as audio-only MP3 files. See our media server for other videos. Also see the Berkman Center Media Library

Technical details are available at and

You will need a Real Player for the videos, but the audio will play in QuickTime, Windows Media and Real Players.

And it will play without commercial popups whatever media player is in your browser, thanks to our unique Universal Media Controller.

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