Audio and Video from OSCOM

Video and audio versions of presentations at the third international OSCOM conference, Harvard Law School, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, May 28-30, 2003 are now being posted to the web.

Produced and edited by Bob Doyle, Editor-In-Chief, CMS Review, and CEO,

The files are provisionally being served from in order to get approvals from speakers and participants asking questions on camera. See the draft Release Form.

When we have those approvals, the files will be moved to the servers at the Berkman Center. Then they will be available for streaming or downloads. Here they are only downloadable. They should still begin to serve quickly in your Real Media Player, and you will be able to save a local copy.

Tip: Make sure you set your browser media player plug-ins to "fast start" (begin playing the file before the download completes).

Technical note:
Video is encoded as a Real Video SureStream with 3 data rates (54Kbps, 128Kbps, and 256Kbps)
Audio is MP3 sampled at 11KHz and 16-bits per sample (mono).

You are encouraged to save a copy and serve these files from mirror sites or for your own organizational use. Best if you have a Real Helix Universal Server.

Day One

Business Panel - You Can't Make Money with Open Source Charles Nesson, Ed Boyajian, Ed Kelly, Gregor Rothfuss, JT Smith

Business Panel Video (198MB)
Business Panel Audio (9MB)

Legal Panel - Intellectual Property John Palfrey, Mike Olson, Larry Rosen, Aaron Swartz, Liza Vertinsky

Legal Panel Video
Legal Panel Audio

User Panel Charles Nesson, Jennifer Lynch, Marc Lavallee, Sam Quigley, Hal Roberts, Joseph Reagle, David Weinberger

User Panel Video
User Panel Audio

Lenya Tutorial

Lenya Video
Lenya Audio

Twingle Tutorial

Twingle Video
Twingle Audio

Bitflux Workshop

Bitflux Audio

Day Two

Dave Winer Keynote

Dave Winer Video
Dave Winer Audio

Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Lynch Video
Jennifer Lynch Audio

CMSML (Content Management System Markup Language) BoF Session


SIMILE (Mick Bass and Richard Rodgers)


Greg Stein

Greg Stein Video
Greg Stein Audio

Tony Byrne

Tony Byrne Video
Tony Byrne Audio

Bob Boiko

Bob Boiko Video
Bob Boiko Audio

Martin Langhoff

Martin Langhoff Video
Martin Langhoff Audio

Day Three

Jon Udell Keynote

Jon Udell Video

Chris Wilper

Chris Wilper Video
Chris Wilper Audio

Florian Stahl

Florian Stahl Video
Florian Stahl Audio

Ross Reedstrom

Ross Reedstrom Video
Ross Reedstrom Audio

Wendy Seltzer

Wendy Seltzer Video
Wendy Seltzer Audio

Town Hall Conference Wrap (Ames Courtroom)

Town Hall Video
Town Hall Audio