Netiquette FAQ for CMS Mailing Lists


These excellent netiquette references should explain anything you don't understand above...

Mailing and Posting Etiquette
Digital Web's How To Policies

If not, please contact Editor, at CMS Review.


CMS Review manages several mailing lists for the CMS industry and community of developers.

[CMS] - a general mailing list for content management systems.
[CMS-Meta] - for discussions on how the lists should operate.
[CMS-Forum] - for announcements of activity at
[CMS-Develop] - to assist those building their own CMS.
[CMS-PR] - press releases and marketing announcements from vendors and open-source developer communities.
[CMS-OT] - off-topic conversations of tangential interest to those in the CMS industry.
[CMS-Admin] - an invitation-only list for the list moms and their advisers.

For subscription info on our CMS mailing lists:

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