Mailing Lists for CMS

CMS Review is now managing several new community mailing lists.

[CMS] - a general mailing list for content management systems.
[CMS-Meta] - for discussions on how the lists should operate.
[CMS-Forum] - for announcements of activity at
[CMS-Develop] - to assist those building their own CMS.
[CMS-PR] - press releases and marketing announcements from vendors and open-source developer communities.
[CMS-OT] - off-topic conversations of tangential interest to those in the CMS industry.
[CMS-Admin] - an invitation-only list for the list moms and their advisers.

To subscribe to the new CMS mailing lists, go to:

We welcome your criticisms and suggestions for the Netiquette rules for these lists.

Bob Doyle
Editor, CMS Review

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