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Videos of presentations at the fifth IA Summit, Austin, TX, February 27-29, 2004 are now being posted to the web.

Where the speakers have forwarded their Powerpoint presentations, we have included them. You can open the Powerpoint in a separate window (requires IE5+), then advance the slides as the speaker advances them.

Content Management for Information Architects


John O'Donovan Introduction

Ann Rockley      Powerpoint

John O'Donovan [pending edit approvals]

Tony Byrne

Joseph Busch      Powerpoint

We edited Bob Boiko's session into the eleven questions presented to "Dr. Bob."


Reese's Peanut Butter Cup  Replace Notes and Email?  People Bottleneck?  Programmers Have Keys To Realm?  ROI of CMS?  Do a Content Audit?  Summary Abstracts?  Correct Skill Set?  Legacy to CMS?  Busch  O'Donovan  Fritzsche   Granularity?  Change Management?  

IA Summit

Poster Sessions

Jared Spool

Technical notes

The files are now being streamed from

The files may be moved to servers at AIfIA and/or ASIS&T, which may only download. They should still begin to serve quickly in your Real Media Player, and you will be able to save a local copy.

Tip: Make sure your browser media player plug-ins are set to "fast start" (to begin playing the file before the download completes).

Video is encoded as a Real Video SureStream with 3 data rates (54Kbps, 128Kbps, and 256Kbps). If you have technical problems, please report them along with your player version, browser, OS, and any error messages to If your firewall is blocking the streaming version, try pointing to the same address, but with http://.

You are encouraged to save a copy and serve these files from mirror sites or for your own organizational use. They will serve best if you use a Real Helix Universal Server.

Produced and edited by Bob Doyle, Editor-In-Chief, CMS Review.
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