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      Basic Info
         Product Name
         Organization Name
         Company Web Page
         Product Web Page
         Company Description
         CMSR Company Description
         Product Description
         CMSR Product Description
         License Proprietary GPL Apache SL BSD-style Other Open Source ASP hosted
         CMS Type General CMS Enterprise CMS Framework Front End (UI) Editor News Portal Blog Wiki
         Computer Platform GNU/Linux Windows Macintosh OS X Unix
         Web Server Apache IIS AOLServer
         Application Server ATG BEA IBM JBOSS Oracle SAP Sun Tomcat
         Application Framework C/C++ ASP Cold Fusion COM Java (J2EE) JSP .NET PHP Python VB
         CMS Framework AxKit Cocoon Mason Midgard OpenACS Zope N/A
         Programming Language C/C++ Javascript Java Perl PHP Python Tcl VB VBScript
         Database Proprietary MS Access MS SQL Server MySQL ODBC Oracle PostgreSQL DB2 Sybase
         Year Introduced
         Number Of Downloads
         Number Of Installs
         Developer Website
         Developer Mail List
         Price Free <$1000 <$5000 <$10,000 <$25,000 <$50,000 <$100,000 <$250,000 >$250,000
         License Policy Per User Per CPU Unlimited
         Sales Method Online Sales Force Resellers Consultants
         Annual Revenues <$100,000 <$500,000 <$1 million <$5 million <$20 million >$20 million
         Sales Area North America Latin America Europe Middle East Africa Asia Australia
         Typical Install Time Hours Days Weeks Months
         Who Installs Customer IT Vendor Engineer
         Documentation Online Printed CD-ROM
         Help Online Contextual Help Online Help Desk Telephone Help Desk Consultants
         Plan Per Incident Per Month Per Year
         Cost <$100 <$200 <$500 <$1000 <$2000 <$5000 <$10,000 >$10,000
   Management Proper
      Questions About The Company
         Business profile
         Customer profiles
         Next versions
         Binding agreements
      Project And Staff
         Implementation Steps
      Technical Support
         Version Control
         Disaster Recovery
         Content Deployment
         Web UI
         Web Architecture
   Use Cases
      Organization Type Non-profit Corporate
      TCO-prelaunch <$1000 $1000-3000 $3000-10,000 $10,000-30,000 $30,000-100,000 $100,000-300,000 $300,000-$1,000,000 >$1,000,000
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