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Aquifer (5)
AquiferCMS allows organizations to cost effectively transition websites, intranets and extranets from static brochures to information rich resources that allow individuals to become more productive and knowledgeable through efficient and effective communications. With the understanding that all business and budgets are not created equal, we offer four distinct versions of the Aquifer Content Management System. The hosted solution includes full functionality to manage web site content for one URL (including adding and editing content, debuting and expiring items, and approving and rejecting edits and new items.
Atex: Content Management for Web and Print (6)
Content Management Solution Prestige (for Print) or PrestigeWeb Includes: digital asset management, editorial workflow, repurposing, syndication, Quark to Word seamless two integration, content conversion and personalization.

Banta Sync Interactive Marketing Suite (6)
Banta's Sync Interactive Marketing Suite enables the creation of personalized print, email and Web landing pages in an easy and cost-effective manner. Through a web interface, distributed users can create, personalize, proof, and deliver highly targeted print and electronic communications.

The suite was designed in a scalable, flexible, and modular manner allowing you to use only the modules that meet your business needs. The suite can be enhanced to grow with your company and continue to satisfy your changing business requirements.

Clickability cmPublish (8)
cmPublish is content management software-as-a-service. With an emphasis on ease-of-use for non-technical users and sophisticated features for advanced users, cmPublish meets the needs of organizations large and small.

cmPublish customers can:

Publish more content to their web sites more frequently
Engage more team members in the content creation process
Save as much as 80% over equivalent installed solutions
Enjoy much lower costs and complexities of ownership
Publish to a wide variety of formats with ease

College Publisher (7)
Free, ad-supported publishing system for US colleges. College Publisher is the only online publishing technology and content management solution designed specifically for college newspapers and the needs of the campus newsroom. Technology is Web-based and allows multiple users to control all facets of digital publishing, including content management, multimedia administration and online newspaper advertising. Explore the site, and learn why College Publisher is the most dynamic and revolutionary network of online newspapers in the world.
CrownPeak Advantage CMS (6)
A CMS that is ASP based (both kinds -- built in Active Server Pages, running as an Application Service Provider).

CrownPeak's Web Site Management service is a combination of all the CrownPeak applications into a single offering. CrownPeak designed this solution specifically for Web Site Managers. Our objective is to provide all of the services needed to manage a web site (or a series of web sites) simply and economically. CrownPeak provides world-class, software bundled with a service package to implement, manage, and provide 24-7 support.

"CrownPeak's Advantage CMS delivers all of the features of a world-class content management system: source control, versioning, spell checking, link checking, comprehensive workflow, security monitoring features, multilingual interfaces, database management, and wireless compatibility, in a 100 percent browser-based interface."

Dispatch (7)
Automated publishing system. Available as a product or ASP (hosted) system.

Edit-X (5)
The Edit-X Content Control Framework is a set of cutting edge tools to build and manage your dynamic, database-driven website. The Edit-X Application Service Provider (ASP) is a remote hosting option.

Free-Conversant (6)
Conversant is an internet groupware application developed by Macrobyte Resources . Conversant is currently a hosted application, where one can get commercial site and domain hosting on the Conversant CMS, including multiple POP mail accounts, subdomains, etc. Free-Conversant is Macrobyte's free version, where you can sign up for free for a Conversant-hosted site. Support is web-based and responsive.
FrontStream (4)
FrontStream (a hosted version of Backstream) makes it easy to create and maintain web texts within the comfort of your web browser. After registering you can start editing texts right away. Insert a small piece of script in your existing web pages and you?re set! No more hassles with HTML and FTP. Your site remains at your ISP, your texts are stored at FrontStream.

GT WebPublisher (4)
A content management system to let small to medium enterprises update their website content, geared towards being very simple to learn. Pricing is based on features purchased so no extra cost for any number of users. Also allows 'portal' type operators to resell, automatically setting up and managing sites.

iBlurbs (4)
Hosted web-based content management with prices starting at only £3 per month.
iUpload (6)
iUpload is a subscription based content management service that enables organizations to effectively create, manage and deploy timely, accurate and compelling content to web and wireless media.

iUpload combines a comprehensive set of blogging, wiki and content management tools with the IT management capabilities required for enterprise deployment, such as security, workflow, regulatory compliance and integration with existing enterprise applications and other third-party solutions.

IMS Site Manager (6)
IMS SiteManager is a content management system, combining design, hosting, and easy editing tools into a single product. IMS SiteManager makes it fast and easy to update your website - All you need is your web browser!

Jamkit Webfactory (7)
Jamkit offer a hosted content management system that it is quick to implement, and simple to use - as verified by 12 months of user testing.

Kitsite (6)
Flexible and cost-effective system for managing and updating content-rich websites that combines ease of use, rapid deployment and scalability with low pricing and reduced running costs.

"The liveSTORYBOARD CMS is a hosted XML-based CMS that targets small to medium businesses. liveSTORYBOARD CMS offers a superior WYSIWYG editor, custom schema validation, staging environments, alongside any feature expected from an enterprise level CMS. liveSTORYBOARD CMS is standards-based (XML/XSL(T)/CSS/HTML/etc), extensible and scalable."

Marqui (7)
Input, control and publish your information quickly and easily with Marqui's CMS solution, offered as "Software as a Service." Designed for non-technical users, Marqui brings you freedom and independence to manage your communications and preserve your brand and messages yourself.
mCubes (4)
mCubes is a web-based content management system that gives non-technical staff the ability to control a production's content and structure via their web browser. Its rich user interfaces and intuitive architecture make the learning curve short, and content and integration teams are up and running within just a few days.

User-friendly and secure management pages let the content team add and modify any page on the site. The integration team uses mCubes API functions to place content from the system within their HTML templates. A publication module then uploads updates to the your server at will.

Mega E-Services Web Content Management System (4)
Mega E-Services offers a Web Content Management System for collaborative Web site building, publishing and maintenance.
Metaverse (4)
Metaverse builds and delivers enterprise applications as scalable online services. The company was founded in September of 2000 to provide superior Web Content Management software delivered in a new way, the software as a service model. Metaverse Content Management software is built natively on the Microsoft.NET platform, designed to answer the scalability demands of the most content rich, high volume web sites and web applications deployed by today's biggest online enterprises.
Mind Your Own Web Site (4)
Technology for non-technical people - manage your web site content with just a few clicks. Aimed at the small to medium enterprise - high performance at a low cost. Online demos and example sites.

NextEdit (5)
Affordable full-featured content updating and management system. Offers WYSIWYG editing, user management, workflow, scheduled publishing. PC and MAC friendly.

OmniUpdate (7)
Web Content Management designed for the real world. Easy to use, scalable, manageable. OmniUpdate keeps your web site fresh, up to date and accurate, saving your organization time and money. Used to publish over 3 million web pages on sites just like yours, OmniUpdate is the Web Content Management choice for organizations worldwide.

Site Content Manager (4)
Content management and web development software tool by WebSource Alliance. Web content management system and software tools make it easy to manage content effortlessly.
skyBuilders (6)
CMS with WYSIWYG editor, workflow, versioning, multilingual. Intranet support for member directories, events, forms. Ecommerce.
Smartwebs (5)
Smartwebs is a suite of web-based content management applications that allows you to easily maintain your web site or intranet content without any programming or HTML knowledge. Smartwebs features a browser-based, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. If you can cut and paste, you can use Smartwebs.
SparkPlug (5)
SparkPlug CMS is a full-featured browser-based Web site content management system that runs on Macromedia Coldfusion. SparkPlug lets you power complex, dynamic Web sites, portals or intranets, easier, quicker and more intuitively than on any other CMS.

SparkPlug CMS is a mature product used in 26 countries by individuals, corporations, universities and non-profit organizations to power news portals, intranets, e-commerce, corporate Web sites, online galleries and more.

ValueCMS (5)
Hosted open-source content and site management services based on WebGUI.

WebSideStory Publish (7)
With WebSideStory Publish the content management needs of both your business owners and your web team can be achieved. This on-demand solution enables you to distribute content management to your business owners without consuming valuable technical resources. Editing workflows enable you to determine approval cycles prior to publishing, maintaining your editorial standards. Your web team is no longer cutting and pasting content - and your business owners are not waiting for new content to be posted or changes to be made. The result is a better website that delivers your strategic objectives without requiring stakeholders to sacrifice control.

Wired Content (5)
Businesses and organisations can manage their website/s in Wired Desk, on a subscription basis for any website size.