CMS Overview Basic Info Product Name This is the name of the product. Aegir CMS Organization Name The company name or developer organization. Aegir Organization Website Product Web Page Company Description Aegir CMS is a very versatile and user-friendly Web Content Management System. It provides site managers with MS Word compatible tools for maintaining site information, approval system for controlling the publication process, and a separate layout management system. Technology License CMS Type Computer Platform Web Server Application Framework CMS Framework Programming Language Database API aha Status Year Introduced 2002 Release 1.0 RC2 Number Of Downloads 5000 Developer Website Developer Mail List Marketing Installation Support Creation Management Proper Delivery Evaluation Questions About The Company Project And Staff Development Localization Training Technical Support Deployment Collection Authoring Acquisition Conversion Aggregation Management Storage Administration Workflow Integration Version Control Reporting Disaster Recovery Security Performance Publishing Template Content Deployment Platform Personalization Web UI Web Architecture