CMS Resources/Reports

Bob Boiko Metatorial CMS Planner™

The CMS Metatorial Planner is a comprehensive, hands-on companion to the Content Management Bible, designed to help your team through the content analysis and planning phases of implementing a content management system. $300
CMS Report

comparative surveys of 25 WCM packages, as well as short descriptions of 15 other products across 7 vendor categories. $895
Content Management Requirements Toolkit

Contains 112 fully-developed CMS requirements suitable for RFPs $375
Content Management Systems - Achieving Enterprise Efficiency (Jupiter Media Matrix, 2001)

Companies with complex content creation and distribution relationships should replace proprietary applications with best-of-breed commercial tools. (PDF) $795 from Amazon
Content Management Handbuch, by Florian Stahl and Wolfgang Maass (March 2003)

Strategies, Theories, and Systems for Successful Content Management. Evaluations of 65 CMS. Evaluation data structured into 180 variables. (in German) €99 from NetAcademy
A Framework for Understanding the Information Management Market (Gilbane Report, September, 2002)

A survey of 400 software vendors including 132 who position their solutions as "content management platforms," plus dozens of companies implementing these solutions from Bluebill Advisors
The Wilderness Society: CMS Evaluation Project

A number of Content Management Systems (CMS) were setup and evaluated using Debian GNU/Linux as the platform. The CMSs were all open source with a focus on those that were written in PHP, but also included 2 written in perl, OpenACS written in Tcl and Plone which is built on CMF, a Zope based web application framework. Zope is written in python.

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