CMS Resources/Articles

Paul Browning & Mike Lowndes on CM Systems (25p. PDF 182KB)
CM Evaluation by Australian National Observatory
James Robertson's (Step Two) List of Articles
Microsoft on Content Management
Four Open-source Products Reviewed (Midgard, OpenCMS, RedHat CCM, Zope) By John McGrath [ZDNet]
Mike Sugarbaker on OSCOM
Shelley Doll on OSCOM
Tom Weiss on OSCOM
Paul Everitt on Zope
CMS Product Review (14 systems)
CMS Product Reviews (17 systems)
Vendor selection (7 criteria)
A Forrester Research Report calls CMS "immature."
Getting Content Management Strategy Right
Content Management from Vendor Selection to Successful Rollout by Martin White
Choosing a Publishing System, By Elizabeth Chapin [WebMonkey, August 1999]
Managing Content on the Web, By Kelley West, Rich Huff and Pat Turocy [Network Computing, October 2000]
Buyer's Guide, Web Content Management Software [Network Computing, October 2000]
Buyer's Guide, Content Management Tools [Network Computing, June 2000]
Will Microsoft own CMS by 2005? [Gartner Group March 2000]
Content Management Design By David V Rodriguez
CM Executive Guide (Darwin 2002)
From Chaos to Control By John Clyman (PC Magazine 2002)
Low-Cost Alternatives for Web Content Management by Pat Turocy, Jeff Phillips and Beth Kujawski, Doculabs (March 2003)
Captured in XML By John Udell (October 2002)
XML Puts Content In Play by Bill Trippe (March 2003)
Content Management, XML and the Promise of Web Services by Bill Rogers (XML Journal, August 2003)

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