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Proprietary Forum Software for Content Management

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Very inexpensive message board software with built-in web server engine.

Acme News
Compatible with PicoSpan and YAPP. Comes with complete source code (C and Bourne shell scripts).

Active Data Online MessageBoard and MessageBoard2000
Message board software based on Microsoft .NET Framework. Also requires MS Access or SQL Server.

Advansis Forum Server
Threaded message board software. Users can receive follow-up replies by e-mail.

aGNeS News Forum
Forums can be run for free on the developer's server, or the software can be purchased.

Web-based bulletin board system. Can be configured to emulate competing products. A limited version is available free for noncommercial use.

ASP Fast Forum (formerly Forum 104)
Very inexpensive, especially for noncommercial users. Implemented using Active Server Pages and VBScript.

ASP Message Board (AMB)
Inexpensive message board software featuring email notification, voting, and thread rating. Requires IIS, MS Access or SQL Server.

ASP Playground.NET Forum
Requires VBScript and Microsoft SQL Server.

With this software, you can give your users the ability to create their own "clubs" with forums, calendars, and other features similar to Yahoo! Clubs. Also available as a hosted service.

Simple bulletin board software that allows file attachments.

Comes with Perl source code; can be customized using Perl, PHP, C, or other languages. Supports mySQL and a variety of other databases. Users can access the message boards via the web interface, or through WAP, NNTP, telnet, and other front ends. Software licenses can be purchased for a one-time fee or rented for a low monthly fee.

Carbon Communities
Inexpensive linear message board software, also offering private messaging and chat rooms. Requires Windows IIS and either MS Access or MS SQL Server. A limited free demo version is available.

High-end, powerful, and extremely customizable linear forum software. Also available as a hosted service.

Available in English and several other languages. Features e-mail notification and listserv capabilities. A free version is also available.

Comment Board
Simple, inexpensive message board software. Requires Microsoft Access or SQL Server.

Developer will install the software at your site. Also available as a hosted service.
Developer: (Ecreations Software)
Platform: UNIX

Platform for building web sites, featuring plug-in modules for forums, mailing lists, and other features.

A database-driven BBS.

Deluxe Portal
Inexpensive message board software based on PHP and MySQL.

Linear message board software, integrated with DigiChat and Hubz instant messenger as part of the Enclave Community Suite. Java based; requires mySQL.Allows participation via email. Also available as a hosted service.

Discus Pro
A commercial add-on to the freeware Discus, that provides additional security, ability to manage larger forums, and other features.

You can run a discussion forum on JADA's site, or purchase the software and customize it for use on your own server. Requires SQL server.

Usenet News server with a built-in Web gateway. Free to nonprofits and educational institutions.

Dr. B's Virtual Message Board Tool
Very inexpensive. The user interface makes extensive use of Javascript.

Open source Java forum software.

Enclave Community Suite
See DigiPosts

Encore Web Forum
Uses a linear discussion structure, organized in topics and subtopics. Also features email notification. Requires MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. A free limited version is available for evaluation.

Forum Web Server
Inexpensive BBS software with a built-in web server; no other software is required.

Linear message board software with realtime chat, instant messaging, and email subscriptions. Supports reading and posting by email. Requires Cold Fusion and a relational database. Source code is available.

GlobalChat Boards (formerly iChat Message Boards)
Threaded message board software. Allows email subscription. Can be integrated with GlobalChat's ROOMS chat software so that chat transcripts are recorded in a message board.

Gossamer Forum
Template-based message board software, allowing for customized user interfaces in different languages, etc. Requires mySQL or another SQL database.

He Bulletin Board
Inexpensive bulletin board software implemented with PHP and MySQL.

ichat Message Boards
See GlobalChat Boards

Ideal BB
Bulletin board software based on Active Server Pages. Requires Microsoft SQL Server.

Builds customized community sites for their clients, including forums, chat rooms, and instant messaging.

Forums may be hosted on Infora's site for a monthly fee, or the software can be purchased for installation on your own server.

Inexpensive forum software based on ASP.NET and SQL Server. Full VB.NET source code is available.

Features both threaded discussions and real-time chat.

Open architecture, threaded forum software, written in Java. Free or discounted for noncommercial users.

Message Board
Very simple and inexpensive; free to nonprofits.

Microsoft FrontPage
General-purpose tool for managing Web sites. Forums can be created through a "Discussion WebBot".

Fast and feature-rich forum software modeled after the WELL.

Unusually structured message board that allows a thread-starter to specify the exact list of people who have access to each thread. J2EE-based.

Threaded message board software with instructions in English and French.

Features framed and frameless user interfaces.

Created by a merger of WELL Engaged and Delphi, this company will customize their community software for your site.

French language product.

Synthigence Forum Pro
Inexpensive threaded message board software. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework and MS Access or SQL Server. Includes full C# source code. Also available free without the source.

Message board software implemented with Active Server Pages and SQL. Requires SQL Server.

Toast Forums
Message board software implemented with Active Server Pages. Requires Microsoft Access.

UBB.classic (Ultimate Bulletin Board)
Extremely popular, inexpensive BBS software with a linear conversation structure.

UBB.threads (formerly WWWThreads)
Supports both linear and threaded discussions, moderated forums, and a multilingual user interface. Requires PHP and mySQL.

Very popular and inexpensive bulletin board software based on PHP and MySQL. Features e-mail notification and user profiles. A limited freeware version is available.

Uses cookies to keep track of what users have read, and has an e-mail notification feature. Distributed as shareware.

Includes features for user profiles, listing recent users, etc. Also features real-time chat rooms.

Web Crossing
Highly customizable and scaleable. Features forums, real-time chat, mailing lists, weblogs, email notification and digests, and integrated email and newsgroup services. Also available as a hosted service.

General-purpose Web development tool that includes a forum application called Web+Conference.

Wildcat! Interactive Net Server
BBS-style web server.

Web implementation of a BBS, including forums, chat rooms, instant messaging, live and recorded video streaming, and more.

Inexpensive bulletin board software implemented with PHP and MySQL. Features a WYSIWYG editor, spell checker, private messaging, polls, and attachments. User interface is available in several languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, and others). Compatible with other popular bulletin board software, including phpBB and, UBB.Threads, vBulletin, and Invision Power Board.

See UBBThreads.

Web interface to YAPP, a clone of the WELL's PicoSpan forum system.

Inexpensive threaded message board software, written in VBScript. A limited free version is also available.

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