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News Portals as Content Management Systems.

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News Portals have several characteristics that make them a CMS. And they are very important, because arguably more content is being managed in weblogs than all the content in more standard CM systems.
  • They separate content from presentation (layout). This is a major time saver when the blog needs to be redesigned. Change the template, and hundreds of pages change together.
  • They use templates and feed content objects into the templates. However, they do not have a WYSIWYG template editor.
  • They use RSS aggregation of feeds and syndication of stories. See Trackback and Pingback.
  • They have WYSIWYG editors.
  • They can have multiple authors (team blogs), but rarely have any workflow.
  • There has been some effort toward a BlogML to facilitate semantic markup with XML, but that has largely failed.
  • There is a Blogger API that allows independent client tools to post to various blogs.
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